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Stock Available 17th December

The low seat, cool bucket seat, front spoiler and racing tyres make this Reppy a true Racer! The sports steering wheel comes equipped with a real soundbox. This soundbox has 4 different tones: braking, tooting, starting the motor and accelerating. The Reppy Racer has 4 EVA 10” tyres that will never go flat, an adjustable bucket seat and a swing axle.

Because the go-kart is very light (9kg), it can easily be carried by adults. The frame handle provides an additional aid. The go-kart’s efficient design makes it easy to store after use.

•The Reppy is suitable for children from ages 2.5 to 6
•Equipped with 10’’ inch EVA tyres that will never go flat
•The swing axle ensures children always maintain grip on the road
•The cool bucket seat has a knob for easy seat adjustment
•Adjustable seat in 4 positions
•Easy to lift up using the frame handle
•The direct drive system makes pedalling easy
•Sleek and attractive design
•The steering wheel comes equipped with soundbox
•Make riding in the Reppy even more fun with a trailer!

Product weight - 9kg
Recommended Age - 2.5 - 6 Years

Frame - 2 years*
Parts - 2 years
Tires & Chain - Nil

* The function warranty on the frame can be increased with 3 years if the product is being registered within 1 month after purchase at bergtoys.com/registration