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BERG_Buzzy_John_Deere_side_RNSPQ0MRWL6Z.jpg BERG_Buzzy_John_Deere_detail_RNSPK98SXQJ8.jpg Berg_Buzzy_John_Deere_back_RNSPK81WRDDG.png Berg_Buzzy_John_Deere_front_RNSPKCMIJ5OI.png BERG_Buzzy_John_Deere_right_side_RNSPKFZPMG95.png BERG_Buzzy_John_Deere_wheel_RNSPKH6CDQ7Y.jpg Berg_Buzzy_John_Deere_top_RNSPQ1HS0YNG.jpg BERG_Buzzy_John_Deere_with_boy-6_RNSPQ2PZX7HB.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_detail_RX4GNYF49ATT.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_+_BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_detail_RX4GNYTUV74H.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_+_BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_with_girl_RX4GNZDHVI2T.jpg

Get in quick - Limited Edition one off order, unfortunately we are not re-shipping from Holland. 

The best tractor for children from the age of 2: The Buzzy John Deere! All the functionality and unique features of a BERG Buzzy in a cool and unique John Deere design. The robust steering wheel complete with spinner knob, the large bonnet with cool grill and, of course, the wide tractor tyres make this a real John Deere. This Buzzy is perfect for little ones aged 2 to 5 due to the adjustable seat and saddle! Your child will maintain control due to the independent steering while pedalling and braking. This Buzzy John Deere will certainly give you the most fun and you can easily ride alongside the John Deere of your daddy!

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Features BERG Buzzy John Deere:

  • Silent EVA whisper tyres that will never go flat.
  • The 4 wheels keep you firmly grounded.  
  • Always in control over the pedals, even while steering.
  • Adjustable steering wheel and adjustable seat


  • Length: 83 cm 
  • Width: 25 cm 
  • Height: 50 cm 
  • Weight: 7 kg 


  •  EVA
  • Adjustable steering wheel