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Berg Buzzy Pedal Kart / Go Kart

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BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_left_side_RX4GH93NNAAN.png BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_with_boys_(1)_RJ6F5CVL8FZC.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_front_side_RX4GH89NXU7L.png BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_+_BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_with_girl-2_RX4GOW9KE8DX.jpg BERG_Buzzy_pers_facbb860-186c-4ad8-8389-34cb40c7d1e2_RBW0M3ZDR7S0.jpg BERG_Buzzy_side_b8d95d17-4786-4c51-968b-dfb8129e5b4d_RBW0M5JGFCA2.jpg BERG_Buzzy_action_with_child_RBW0M689DHHQ.jpg BERG_Buzzy_front_RBW0M6PL8Q37.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_with_girl_(2)_RJ6F5FMAAAHG.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_with_girl_(3)_RJ6F5GCX3SMN.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_with_girl_(4)_RJ6F5H6MVASP.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_detail_RX4GNYF49ATT.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_+_BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_detail_RX4GNYTUV74H.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_+_BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_with_girl_RX4GNZDHVI2T.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_+_BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_with_girl-4_RX4GOWW1V330.jpg

Get your first pedal experience on a BERG Buzzy. This super cool yellow sensation on four wheels is much sturdier than a three-wheeler. Your feet remain firmly on the pedals even round sharp corners. The seat and steering wheel are adjustable for years of pleasure on your new four-wheeler! Recommended age: 2 years +. Are you ready to drive off?

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  • Suitable for children aged 2-5
  • Helps children learn to pedal.
  • Forward and reverse pedal.
  • Stable due to its four-wheel design.
  • The pedals remain within easy reach while steering.
  • EVA tyres ensure no more flat tyres!
  • Many years of driving fun thanks to infinitely adjustable steering wheel height and three adjustable seating positions.
  • TUV approved.


  • Length: 83 cm
  • Width: 49 cm
  • Height: 50 cm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Recommended age: 2-5 years

Click here to read Berg Buzzy technical specifications.