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Berg Buzzy Racing Pedal Kart / Go Kart

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BERG_Buzzy_Racing_right_side_RX4GI52P5JAU.png BERG_Buzzy_Racing_with_boy_RJ6F8RKTFMBC.JPG BERG_Buzzy_Racing_right_side_(1)_RX4GI44KUUQA.png Buzzy_Racing_695a310d-c37b-4c3a-989f-a540fa677d5b_RBW0MPL6OU1T.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Racing_adcrowd_RX4GI3K539YT.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Racing__(5)_RJ6F8MDQQR8Q.png BERG_Buzzy_Racing__RJ6F8O38ZZVT.png BERG_Buzzy_Racing_Detail_view_3_RBW0MR0MH851.jpg Buzzy_Racing_with_boy_RBW0MPYMYN38.jpg Buzzy_Racing_mood_4076288f-b2ea-4d02-a501-0759bf4919ed_RBW0MRCHIGOJ.jpg Buzzy_Racing_front_with_boy_8be00a99-74e7-4ef0-975d-6066db7e5ced_RBW0MRTTCCKR.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Racing_with_boy_(1)_RJ6F8OOO9ZR4.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_detail_RX4GNYF49ATT.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_+_BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_detail_RX4GNYTUV74H.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Yellow_+_BERG_Buzzy_Trailer_with_girl_RX4GNZDHVI2T.jpg

The cool Buzzy family will become even bigger with the BERG Buzzy Racing! What is nicer than playfully learning to pedal forwards and backwards while making a splash among your friends. The four wheels will keep you super stable and thanks to the EVA tyres you will never end up at the side of the road with a flat tyre! You will come to a halt in a flash with the coaster brake. The seat and steering wheel are easy to adjust, guaranteeing years of playing fun.

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  • Suitable for children aged 2-5
  • Develops ability to pedal
  • Forward and reverse driving
  • Four wheels ensure stability
  • Pedals accessible during steering
  • EVA tyres: provides indoor and outdoor pleasure with the Buzzy
  • Adjustable steering wheel and saddle with 3 positions
  • TUV certified


  • Length: 83 cm
  • Width: 49 cm
  • Height: 50 cm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Recommended age: 2-5 years