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BERG FlatGround Champion Sport Grey 330 (11ft)

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BERG_FlatGround_Champion_Grey_with_women_RXRDVS3MVALM.png BERG_FlatGround_Champion_Grey_with_men_and_women_RXRDVPKO2VH7.png 03-FlatGround_Integration_Grey_RXRDVH8Q4534.jpg BERG_FlatGround_Champion_Green_with_men_RXRDVLZ11UXZ.png BERG_FlatGround_Champion_Mood_RXRDVUTTDCFO.jpg BERG_FlatGround_Champion_Grey_with_men_RXRDVNQLMOIV.png BERG_FlatGround_Champion_TwinSpring_Gold_RXRDWPCTKKDZ.jpg 10-FlatGround_Padding-info_RXRDVJUJUZ2Y.jpg BERG_FlatGround_Champion_padding_RXRDWOS5R1CC.jpg 05-FlatGround_stabilized_design_grey_RXRDVI960XBU.jpg 06-FlatGround_Frame-Assembly_RXRDVIO5BXR3.jpg 07-FlatGround_Frame_Installation_RXRDVJ81WCIO.jpg 04-FlatGround_Airflow_Technology_EN_RXRDVHQTZBVN.jpg BERG_FlatGround_Champion_Airflow_RXRDVKITNPKI.jpg

A BERG FlatGround SPORT trampoline is seamlessly integrated into your garden. The protective padding of the trampoline lies flush with the upper surface of the garden. This results in an discrete, easy to access trampoline. All that you see are the protective edge and the jumping mat.

The jumping experience feels lighter and higher jumps can be achieved due to BERGS Airflow patented Jumping mat technology and Gold TwinSpring springs.

The special noise-reducing straps allow the air underneath the trampoline to escape and the protective edge will not rattle against the jumping mat. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, with a BERG Champion FlatGround Sport you choose quality.

• The Airflow jumping mat allows 50% more airflow. This results in better jumping comfort and higher and more flexible jumping!
• Because the TwinSpring Gold springs are placed at an angle, they are extra long and supple without reducing the jumping surface.
• Extra safety due to the thick PVC protective edge
• The patented frame is easy to assemble and install.
• The unique protective edge stabilisation prevents the protective edge from rattling.
• The trampoline is nicely concealed in the garden, making it very easy to step onto.

Advantages of a Flatground Trampoline:

-Highly unlikely to blow in the wind
-Visually doesn’t dominate your garden
-With no safety, there will be less collisions, hence less chance of accidents or injuries
-Because of ease of access, In Ground trampolines get a lot more use than conventional ones

Model Colour Diameter Number of springs Trampoline height Entrance height Test weight Max. user weight
BERG Champion FlatGround 330 Grey 330 96 0cm 0cm 500kg 100kg

13 Year Frame Warranty
2 Year Safety Padding Warranty
2 Year Airflow Jump Mat Warranty
5 Year TwinSpring Warranty