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BERG Go2 Mint

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BERG_GO2_Mint_RX4F4A8MTSGM.png BERG_GO2_Mint_+_BERG_Carrying_Strap_RX4F4CS4TEKX.png BERG_GO2_Mint_+_BERG_Push_Handle_right_front_RX4F4E3NM88R.png BERG_GO2_Mint_+_BERG_Safety_Flag_RX4F4FYLGDAE.png BERG_GO2_Mint_detail_RX4F4HS7FW85.png BERG_GO2_Mint_detail-2_RX4F4KZZDC51.png BERG_GO2_Mint_detail-3_(1)_RX4F4MCTYLU1.png BERG_GO2_Mint_left_(2)_RX4F4NIY1666.png BERG_GO2_Mint_left_front_RX4F4OPU6ZXX.png BERG_GO2_Mint_left_front-3_RX4F4QH5A15S.png BERG_GO2_Mint_left-2_RX4F4RQMUO51.png BERG_GO2_Push_Handle_RX4F4SV51BRA.png BERG_GO2_Pink_+_BERG_Carrying_Strap_with_girl_and_parents_RX4DW4R8IIHK.png 04_BERG_GO2_Great_Stability_EN_RX4C3A3ZQRDV.jpg 03_BERG_GO2_Grows_with_child_EN_RX4C39CUV8AD.jpg 02_BERG_GO2_Scoot_Pedal_Grow_EN_RX4C38KY3T39.jpg BERG_GO2_Blue_detail_RX4C22MBB24N.png BERG_GO2_Blue_+_BERG_Push_Handle_detail_RX4C1CH79100.png 01_BERG_GO2_Ergonomic_Design_EN_RX4C37L0ULTJ.jpg

New stock arriving 30th November, Please note this kart will be courierd before Dec 11, 2018

The latest innovation from BERG, 2-IN-1: Learn to scoot and pedal easily. Winners of major Euorpean toy awards and design this new kart is now available to familys in New Zealand. 


Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the BERG GO² ensures safe and easy outdoor fun! The sleek ergonomic design has many advantages. The first advantage is that your child will not catch his or her little feet on the pedals or the rear wheels. The BERG GO² saddle has a unique structure. When your child grows, he or she can sit further back. Thanks to its four wheels, the BERG GO² has excellent stability.

Scoot, pedal, grow!

The BERG GO² has an integrated folding pedal system. This way, your child will quickly learn to scoot and pedal with the BERG GO². The BERG GO² is designed in such a way that your child always sits perfectly without having to adjust the steering wheel or the saddle! When your child grows, he or she will automatically sit further back.

Hours of fun

The GO² is specially designed saddle ensures that your child can have endless fun with this go-kart. When your child grows, he or she can sit further back in the go-kart.

Helping your child to learn to scoot and gokart is easy with a BERG GO²! First of all, your child learns to sit on the GO² with the pedals folded up. Pushing off with one little foot on the ground will create a forward motion and, before you know it, your child has learnt how to scoot.

Scooting has now been mastered; the next step is to fold down the pedals. This can easily be done in one movement. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the GO², your child will not catch his or her little feet on the pedals or rear wheels.

Firmly and safely grounded

Firmly and safely grounded due to the four wheels. Thanks to its four wheels, the BERG GO² has excellent stability.
Because tricycles have one wheel less they are prone to tipping over. Riding sharply or fast around corners on a tricycle creates dangerous situations.

Accessories not included: Please visit the accessoriews page for Push Handles, Carry Straps and Flags. 

65cm Long
45cm Width
44cm Deep
Weight 3.85kg