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BERG CHAMPION 380 GREY + Safety Net Deluxe (12.5ft)

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BERG_Grand_Champion_Grey_+_Safety_Net_Deluxe_S6AEEXWLNLE7.jpg BERG_Champion_Green_+_Safety_Net_Deluxe_with_girl_RXRA8BYI14JL.jpg Lifetime_Label_USPs_Champion_EN_(1)_SAQ0RIF2C4PO.jpg BERG_Twinspring_Gold__RXJ6FU0YGU5F.jpg 02_TRAMPOLINE_USP_LARGE_TWINSPRING_EN_SAQ0JNB5BZLD.jpg 01_TRAMPOLINE_USP_LARGE_AIRFLOW_EN_SAQ0JPECGFT0.jpg 03_PDP_slider_Champion_Beschermrand_EN_SAQ0JO20HMN2.jpg BERG_FlatGround_Champion_padding_RXRDWOS5R1CC.jpg BERG_Safety_Net_T-Series_Top_Cap_RXJ6BO9OIN7U.jpg BERG_Champion_with_girl_(1)_RXRA8CPW0ZLR.jpg BERG_Champion_with_girl_RXRA8DQTRHS2.jpg BERG_Champion_with_girl-5_RXRA8ETCVR8G.jpg BERG_Champion_+_Safety_Net_Deluxe_girl_2_RXRA8968J9LM.jpg AIRFLOW_JUMPHIGHER_LOGO_RXJ6BMZO6037.png 04_PDP_slider_Champion_Frame_EN_SAQD4RZ4DW0B.jpg BERG_Safety_Net_Deluxe_detail_view_SAQD8525SO8J.jpg

Trampolines in stock are with Grey Padding. This Trampoline is 3.8 meters diameter

13 Year Frame Warranty
2 Year Safety Padding Warranty
2 Year Airflow Jump Mat Warranty
5 Year TwinSpring Warranty

BERG is Europe leader in Trampoline design and manufacturing. With 25 poeple in their research in design these superior tramps are built to withstand the elements and go the distance. There long warranties across the various components that make up a trampoline i.e. Frame, jumping mat, protective edge and safety net are un-matched. Superior quality and safety.

The BERG Champion Range has a robust protective edge, manufactured from superior material and extra-durable thanks to its finishing. The protective edge is extremely UV-resistant, made from fabric like that used on truck curtain-sider trailers. The BERG Elite also has an AirFlow Jumping Mat, for great super-high jumps, and TwinSpring springs, creating an extra-large jumping surface.

Less resistance with the BERG AirFlow jumping mat
Higher jumps mean more fun. We have developed the AirFlow technique to enable you to make higher jumps. This jumping mat allows 50% more air permeation compared with a standard jumping mat. Good airflow ensures less resistance while jumping, which is why you can make higher jumps.

The reinforced upper edge of the Safety Net ensures the net is always nice and taut
The robust, curved poles provide extra safety
Excellent quality of the net material
Self-closing entrance

Extremely UV-resistant protective edge
The padding of the Elite is extremely UV-resistant. The edge is extra durable due to the superior material and the precise workmanship.

Extra sturdy frame for more safety
A BERG Elite lasts for years due to the excellent quality of the frame. The frame is galvanised and powder coated, which ensures a rustproof trampoline.


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