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Berg Rally Orange Pedal Kart / Go Kart

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BERG_Rally_Orange_left_side_RX4IL0KU21F8.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange_front_spoiler_RX4IIN3ZJ3N3.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange_detail_view_RX4IIM5VGCE5.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange_front_RX4IIMISY7ZA.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange_top_RX4IL2JW6612.jpg BERG_Rally_action_with_girl_RBW0N5EZEJ0Q.jpg BERG_Rally_action_with_girl_2_RBW0N8N9POKU.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange_(2)_RPXOEHM8V17B.JPG BERG_Rally_Orange_(3)_RPXOEJU3CXHH.JPG BERG_Rally_Orange__(2)_RPXOEKPM2YKZ.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange__(3)_RPXOELB2MKF9.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange__(4)_RPXOELXTBMSC.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange__(5)_RPXOEMHPC1LA.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange__(7)_RPXOEN1395CT.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange__RPXOENINGAW3.jpg BERG_Rally_Orange_+_BERG_Trailer_Junior_RPXOEPNEBP4X.JPG BERG_Rally_Orange_right_side_RX4IL1ON1MNC.jpg

The BERG Rally Orange is a light and compact go-kart you can play with anywhere outdoors. Explore your neighbourhood or organise a race – it’s all possible with this go-kart. What’s unique and safe about this go-kart is the BFR system, letting you brake with the pedals, and when you have come to a halt, you can immediately pedal backwards. You can make playing outside even more fun with the BERG Junior Trailer.


  • Suitable for children aged 4-12 years
  • Can go forwards or backwards thanks to the unique BFR hub
  • Many years of driving fun thanks to adjustable steering wheel and adjustable seat.
  • Good roadholding thanks to the swing axle


  • Length: 124 cm
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Height: 52-64 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Recommended age: 4-12 years

Click here to read Berg Rally Orange technical specifications.