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Berg Safari BFR Go-Kart

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BERG_Safari_BFR_left_side_RX56B3XE2BB0.png BERG_Safari_(8)_REPNJLPGIIPG.JPG BERG_Safari_BFR_detail_view_RX56B2IZUIXW.png BERG_Safari_BFR_right_side_RX56B4X202Y9.png BERG_Safari_BFR_REPNKAMNQLKL.png BERG_Safari_BFR_(4)_REPNK0CUOKSU.png BERG_Safari_(10)_REPNJUN6J6IZ.jpg BERG_Safari_(6)_REPNKDYA97FG.jpg BERG_Safari_(3)_REPNK30HDYM9.jpg BERG_Safari_BFR_(7)_REPNJFDSP6GB.png BERG_Safari_BFR_(4)_REPNJ8HZCWW7.jpg BERG_Safari_(2)_REPNJ4RUV8PS.jpg BERG_Safari_BFR_(6)_REPNIWBYSGTN.jpg

Offer your guests a fantastic experience with the BERG Safari. With this robust off-road go-kart, the beach turns into a desert and the woods into a jungle. The camouflage colours will attract real adventurers. Let the adventure commence! Success guaranteed, who wouldn't want that?!


  • Suitable for children aged 5 and older
  • Equipped with the unique BFR system. That’s why this go-kart has a back-pedal brake and you can pedal safely forwards and backwards.
  • Many years of driving fun thanks to six adjustable seating positions.
  • Thanks to the swing axle, optimal grip even on uneven terrain.
  • The go-kart has a parking brake for more safety.
  • Thanks to the double ball bearings in the steering system, steering is extremely light. It makes the go-kart very manoeuvrable.
  • Swing axle
  • Double ballbearing


  • Length: 159 cm
  • Width: 85 cm
  • Height: 86 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg

Check out our - OPTIONAL EXTRAS

  • Light set
  • Passenger seat
  • Trailer
  • Spare tyre
  • Roll-bar