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BERG Xtra Sport Red BFR

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BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_E-BF__RSEGKQ4ZEEYH.png BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_+_BERG_Passenger_Seat_right_side_RSEGKE3DDQOW.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_+_BERG_Passenger_Seat_right_side-2_RSEGKFCKUICW.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_back_RSEGKG515LKJ.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_detail_RSEGKGYQDC6H.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_detail_back_RSEGKHZXL51C.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_detail_front_RSEGKJ0W0FI1.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_detail_wheel_RSEGKKKYPUBO.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_front_RSEGKLL5430J.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_left_side_RSEGKMIH8VM9.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_right_side_RSEGKN8BO6WC.jpg BERG_Extra_Sport_Red_BFR_right_side-2_RSEGKO00BWFS.jpg

Do you want the most elaborate, classic go-kart? Then choose the BERG Extra Sport Red BFR. This cool go-kart in the striking new colour red has mudguards with reflectors, but also a great front spoiler. This eye-catcher also has BFR so that you can reverse immediately after coming to a standstill. The swing axle ensures that you can ride safely, even on uneven surfaces. Would you like to dress up this go-kart even more? Then opt for one of our great accessories like a trailer or passenger seat.

• Equipped with coaster brake, hand brake and parking brake.
• With adjustable seat
• Extra comfort thanks to the pneumatic tyres.
• Firmly and safely grounded due to the 4 wheels and swing axle.
• The BFR system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill


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