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Duo Chopper

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BERG_Duo_Chopper_left_side-5_RNU5E7S595V5.jpg BERG_Duo_Chopper_front-2_RNU5E5MV4SU1.jpg BERG_Duo_Chopper_left_side-2_RNU5E6XW3AL2.jpg BERG_Duo_Chopper_left_side_RNU5E6BEXCKQ.jpg BERG_Duo_Chopper_left_side-6_RNU5E8GY0XQY.jpg BERG_Duo_Chopper_back_without_seat_RNU5E4YUE453.jpg BERG_Duo_Chopper_passenger_seat_RNU5EAHT1E5L.jpg BERG_Duo_Chopper_passenger_handle_RNU5E9GLFZIM.jpg BERG_Duo_Chopper_right_side_RNU5EB39MBXT.jpg

The BERG Duo Chopper BF is the best tricycle go-kart out there!
Pedaling on a boulevard, camping or other public area has never been
this exciting and fun!

The co-driver can sit on the passenger seat when the seat is mounted. When
you remove the seat, you get a totally different experience while standing next
to the driver.


  • BF hub (Pedal Brake, Forward and Freewheel). Easy, quick and safe!
  • 2 seats. Double the fun.
  • The recognizable colors orange-black gives great synergy with
  • other BERG rental products (see other listings X-Cross and Gran Tour).
  • Suitable for users from 5+
  • Maximum user weight is 100 kg per person. Max. 2 persons
  • Durable pedal go-kart for an affordable price
  • Multi play value due to the possibility of removing the
  • passenger seat
  • Adjustable seat can be set in 6 different positions
  • Extra grip and comfort due to air filled tyres
  • Parking brake for additional safety. Can be used by both drivers
  • CE certified

Assembled Dimensions:

  • Length 83 cm
  • Width 49 cm
  • Height 50 cm


  • Frame (broken) 2** years 
  • Parts 2 years 
  • Tires, chain 0 years

**5-year performance warranty when registering at www.bergtoys.com/registration. For all warranty condiditions, see www.bergtoys.com/registration.

3 Boxes to product:
Dimensions frame packaging 100x58,5x40 cm
Weight frame packaging 32 kg

Dimensions sidecar packaging 73x73x29 cm
Weight sidecar packaging 19 kg

Dimensions theme packaging 41x50x5 cm
Weight theme packaging 17,2 kg

This item is currently been shipped. It will take 7 weeks to land. Please email to reserve your kart