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Ford Mustang GT Pedal Kart / Go Kart

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Ford_Mustang_GT_pedal_go-kart_right_side_RX4IGU9LFRNI.jpg Ford_Mustang_GT_pedal_go-kart_back_RX4IGSOGC52K.jpg Ford_Mustang_GT_pedal_go-kart_front_-_Copy_RX4IGT7BK24L.jpg Ford_Mustang_GT_pedal_go-kart_front_spoiler_RX4IGTSRTAZT.jpg Ford_Mustang_GT_pedal_go-kart_top_RX4IGVLDLGLO.jpg Ford_Mustang_GT_pedal_go-kart_right_side_RX4IGUXCA1DN.png BERG_Mustang_GT_pedal_go-kart_action_with_girl_RBW0NM1GJA19.jpg 24.40.20_Ford_Mustang_GT_Side_Right_115bb3f5-aca5-493b-9ab4-0eeacc88d3c2_RBW0NLPBAQA6.jpg BERG_Mustang_GT_pedal_go-kart_action_girl_c9455674-d797-4295-b1fb-483a1cc0a5df_RBW0NN4H2TC8.jpg BERG_MUSTANG_RBW0NMPQWK1Y.jpg 24.40.20_Ford_Mustang_GT_Side_Left_5adadb60-af5d-44c8-a313-ab98524c76f4_RBW0NMDVBXXV.jpg

New stock arriving 30th November, Please note this kart will be courierd before Dec 11, 2018

The Ford Mustang go-kart is a real classic! This go-kart also comes with an intelligent technical feature: the BFR system. You can pedal forwards, brake and, after standing still, pedal backwards without changing gear. Extra wide pneumatic tyres and cool rims make this go-kart complete. Adjustable seat and steering wheel for years of playing fun. What are you waiting for?


  • Suitable for children aged 4-12 years
  • Can go forwards or backwards thanks to the unique BFR hub
  • Ford-approved design, based on the Ford Mustang GT
  • Coaster brake
  • Many years of driving fun thanks to adjustable steering wheel and five adjustable seating positions
  • Fast and manoeuvrable thanks to the ball bearing wheels


  • Length: 124 cm
  • Width: 69 cm
  • Height: 52 cm
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Recommended age: 4-12 years

Click here to read Ford Mustang GT technical specifications.